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Creative Sensation Pro II
Experience the brilliance and clarity of the most modern technology, and more perfect results than ever before with this top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine.

Creative 4.5
This sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs.
Why the Creative 4.5?
Winner of the Consumer Best Buy award, I highly recommend this machine.   Very affordable, yet has the same embroidery capability and sewing programs of the Creative Sensation Pro II.  Not as many stitches or built in designs but it has a nice selection from all the stitch categories.  Includes only 6 ribbon stitches (Creative Sensation offers 16) and no double ribbon stitches but ribbon stitches™ and stacking stitches™ are exclusive to Pfaff.  Embroidery has become so much easier and user friendly and affordable, but this machine allows me to step up my embroidery to extraordinarily exquisite.  It gives me a license to overachieve!  Precise positioning allows me to join embroideries seamlessly; I challenge you to use a magnifying glass to see where the designs are joined!  The best, I can switch from embroidery to sewing, back to embroidery mode with the touch of a button and shut off the machine in the middle of embroidery.  Re-start the machine and it will resume embroidery at the exact stitch position.  Jeff says “let’s go” and off we go!  Only two reasons I would purchase this above the Performance 5.2:  the obvious – it embroiders, and I love that I can program the machine so it starts up at my personal stitch menu.  The other great feature is that you can purchase the machine only and add the embroidery unit later.

Creative 3.0
The advanced capabilities of this sewing and embroidery machine will bring out the designer in you. Wherever your imagination takes you, the results are always perfect!

Performance 5.2
Features technology that understands your passion for sewing and will to take your skills to the next level. 
Why the Performance 5.2? 
This award winning machine has all the same sewing capability of the top of the line Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro embroidery/sewing machine.   I can’t sew on a machine that does not have the original IDT™ and the sensormatic  presser foot lift is a must have.   I obviously love the exclusive ribbon stitches™, but the Stitch Creator ™ program is essential to my day to day sewing.  I use the program to edit or create stitches that I use every day.  Unique to Stitches ‘N Tyme, I edit a stitch from the hand embroidery selection to resemble the chain stitch which I then use to sew on my quilt bindings.  A beautiful finish that saves me hours of hand sewing!   Of course I also need the ability to move the stitch in the stitch field, and the bi-level topstitch foot keeps the stitch on the exact edge of the binding fabric effortlessly.  I create a triple buttonhole stitch that really enhances applique and allows me to machine applique wool that appears to have been done by a very talented hand stitcher.   Love, love the personal menu option where I save my favorite altered (width, length, position in stitch field, and tension) stitches.  Huge time saver.    The sewing programs including the single stitch program, advanced tapering™ which is must have for applique, and the patchwork program just seal the deal!
Example of the bi-level topstitch foot that keeps the stitch on the exact edge of the binding fabric effortlessly.

Quilt Expression 4.2
Realize how exciting modern quilting can be. Exceptional quilting features are just waiting to be discovered.

Expression 3.5
This sewing machine has more to discover than you can imagine. Turn the machine on and realize the 
potential of the highest level of precision. 

Passport 3.0
Whether you are seeking a sewing machine for a small space or one perfectly designed for travel and classes – this is it.